1. Concepts of Panch Mahabhoota
  2. Concepts of Tridosha
  3. Concepts of Seven Dhatu
  4. Concepts of health in Ayurveda
  5. Classification of Panchkarma
  6. Classification of Snehan (Oil Therapy)
  7. Abhyang – Ayurvedic Pressure Massage
  8. Mardan Ayurvedic pressure Massage
  9. Pizhichil – Ayurvedic Oil bath Massage
  10. Navarakizhi – Rice bolus massage
  11. Podikizhi- herbal bolus massage
  12. Elakizhi- Hearbal leaves Massage
  13. Shiro Abhyang- Ayurvedic head massage
  14. Shirodhara- Ayurvedic oil bath head massage
  15. Kati Vasti- Special backache therapy
  16. Janu Vasti – Special eye care therapy
  17. Akshitarpan- Special eye care therapy
  18. Marma Massage – Vital point Massage
  19. Ayurvedic Spinal Massage


Duration                     One Month

Fee Detail

Fee for Indian Students INR 12500/-
Fee for Foreign Students USD 650 $
(Including Boarding, Lodging, Vegetarian Food)